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RE:PS: I must be mad. My hands are well beyond aching....

Postings not related to the writing of the Manifesto or policy chapters
are likely to be summarily rejected. Thanks for your understanding. IPI

I think I can understand the level of efforts you have to make just to
keep this debate going everyday. Not being a regular participant until
recently,I may not know every piece of how it's been going on in the
past, but I think I can relate to the struggle somewhat. It took me a
while to read and come to the speed of what was being debated.

I hesitate to start writing my personal experience of the past, of
trying and hoping to get some kind of movement going and then finally
giving up with a feeling of hurt and dejection that few in our society
cared to take the lead and sincerely engage themselves in the efforts of

changing the community.

But the fact that every time I give up,and stay off-line for a few
months and come back to begin the efforts all over again. This cycle
makes me believe that for some of us who care, there is no option but to

keep on doing what we feel is the best. Also, every disappointment
should guide us to make correction in our style of functioning in order
to minimize burden on us so that we can go on doing it for as long as we

don't succeed in our objectives.

The end result should be, as you said, widespread participation and
acceptability of this organization as a genuine effort of concerned
citizens. It should find support, mainly financially from its supporters

to stay alive. Setting high targets is good, but the expectation should
be aimed at achieving things little by little.

The very first time, when I received multiple responses and e-mails and
kind of found it hard to read and get up to participate in the debate, I

realized your struggle. Once I thought of sending my suggestions, but
then stopped myself believing that in my first few days of
participation, I perhaps didn't have the right to suggest changing the
way the discussion forum should function.

Now when you expressed your concern, I think we seriously need to pay
attention and make necessary adjustment so that you or anyone is not
excessively burdened over just in order to keep this thing going. I may
have some suggestions if you think that could help or if they are

Thank You.


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