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Re: Guarantee

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Subject: Guarantee
Author:  sabhlok (sabhlok@almaak.usc.edu) at nyuxuu
Date:    15.01.99 08:34

Dear friends,

An ideal political party must function like a well-oiled corporate
organization. It must not only perform upto expectations but also must
guarantee the quality of products as well as of the people working in
that organization.

This was discussed earlier. I don't recollect this matter having been
encapsulated into a specific paragraph. I propose this now:

"Guarantee of performance and quality:

"We would have an internal but independent monitoring mechanism to
verify prima facie genuine complaints received against members. This
would help alleviate the burden of the Lok Pal since the internal
mechanism would become a first resort to the people.

"Among other things, all accounts would be publicly available on the
internet, as well as a statement of all salaries drawn by each office
bearer and public official, and other such detail as would be necessary
to alleviate the fears in the people of possible misuse of public funds.

"To help achieve this objective, each member who wishes to participate
in public life would have to furnish a public declaration of assets and
also guarantee that in case any wrong-doing is found that member would
BE automatically CONSIDERED TO HAVE resignED from public office."

I hope this addition, to be attached to the Code of Conduct, would find
favor with members of IPI.



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