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Re: comment on the common man

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---hremi <hremi@vsnl.com> wrote:
> ----- Because capitalism failed in the name of
socialism planners brought
> state capitalim which is not socialism. State
capitalism, as capitalism,
> promotes corruption, class system, etc. This only
points out that we have
> to think deeper and come out with an anbalysis of
our spocial situation
> which may bring an answer!  ----

This is not true. Socialism IS state capitalism. What
socialism tells you is that a few people will run the
system and you MUST be subservient to them. Class
system is propagated by socialism. Socialism breeds
inequality, laziness, mediocrity and corruption.
It creates a class of few men who control everything.
In a capitalistic setup, people control things, in
a socialistic setup, vested interest groups control
You cannot do away with industries. The only question
is who controls them. The fact that you cannot do away
with industries means that socialism IS state
capitalism. If you want socialism without state
capitalism, 100% of the population MUST plough the
Capitalism allows you to start your own business.
You do not have to depend on someone who will exploit
you. It liberates the oppressed.
People may debate and talk but existing evidence
clearly show that the capitalistic countries are
better off than socialistic countries.
Please give it a thought. We can all progress if our
system is capitalistic.


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