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Postings not related to the writing of the Manifesto or policy chapters
are likely to be summarily rejected. Thanks for your understanding. IPI
Dear friends,

Last night I could not sleep since I woke up with my entire arm so numb
and lifeless like a dead appendage to my shoulder, that I was in panic.
After great effort, blood circulation re-started into the arms; I am
going into deep and serious treatment from the coming Tuesday. Can't
afford the atrophy of muscles of the hands due to the massive
inflammation of my tendons. Given the condition of my hands, I have
decided to completely stop moderation as well as contributing to the IPI
debates for the next few months till my hands and arms are back to
normal (100% normal as certified by the doctor. I will not return
before that).

Only 2 persons were moderating the IPI list since end-December (Vamsi
and I). I will also not manually enrol people on IPI nor send letters of
request to people to join IPI. Nothing at all related to IPI.

I have one last thing to do before I take the much-needed physical
break. I will try to spend a few hours and reconcile the existing draft
manifesto with the material that has been sent by Arvind and Vamsi, as
well as the issues of reservation policy and a few others which we have
debated this last month. That manifesto can then be despatched for
further debate to prominent Indians by Ajay as soon as IPI is
registered. I would once again like to thank the editorial board (Ash
might have comments later, but Ajay could incorporate them) for the work
done by the Board.

I trust that Vamsi and others will be able to continue the effort of
moderation, and that Nikhil will continue to update material on the web,
now that he knows what is being done. Antony has to take the
responsibility of leading the effort. Also Parth and Prof. Roy.

Vamsi is usually busy and moderates once in a day or once in two days. I
hope he can do more frequently. Please be patient if you do not find
your postings being put up to IPI quickly. I will remain subscribed to
IPI of course, and overhear all conversations and debates. Please do not
write mail to me personally on any topic related to the IPI since I will
not be able to respond. I will be glad to talk on the telephone, though,
to anyone who likes.

Yazad was supposed to make a list of topics for the next round of
debates and to help guide the debates. I hope he can spend some time to
do that. 


Was great fun being here with you, helping kick-start this fruitful
debate. I trust you will take this to new heights.


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