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Reservation Issue

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We should first realize that the way reservations are handled in India
won't take us anywhere. We just have commissions to fix percentages. 
They don't address the real problems. Giving degrees does not improve
anybody's quality of life. Reserving a few thousand seats in various
offices does not improve the lot of crores of people.

We need to ask ourselves whether we seek to give away degrees on a 
platter or raise the standards to such a level that the disadvantaged
sections can take care of themselves.

Education is the key here. We should first give quality education
at the school level before thinking of college level. And this must
be done on a mass scale. We shouldn't shy away from allowing everyone
from accessing English education.

The disadvantaged classes too shouldn't make the mistake of demanding
reservations to English medium schools. This is a sure recipe for
failure. The only way is to make all schools teach in English medium.
The language that the local politicians love can be made the second

The second point is that free market is required so that more jobs 
are created. This will take the pressure off explosive issues.
Removing reservations will only give fodder to those who want to
make a political capital out of the issue. That these can be removed
for those above a certain level in the index suggested is one 


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