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Res. Policy

Postings not related to the writing of the Manifesto or policy chapters
are likely to be summarily rejected. Thanks for your understanding. IPI
On Fri, 15 Jan 1999, hremi wrote:

> Though born a Dalit, becuause I was born in a converted
> Christian family, I did not get any reservation benefit on the other hand I
> suffered most- at least twice- socially, religiously. 
 The plight of Dalit
> Christians innrural areas are documented in the video: "Twice Discriminated
> Dalit Christians of Tamil Nadu", produced in 1986 by B. Kailasam of Min
> Bimmangal, Chennai.

Small question. You can ignore if not interested in replying since this
is a personal choice issue. Why is there a term like "Dalit Christian"?
If the entire purpose of adopting Christianity is to get rid of the
caste system then why attach the caste system to another religion? 

Second, what is this about 'religious discrimination.' Is anyone
discriminating anywhere against Christians?

> The reality of reservation is --it is a myth, it does not  work! With high
> percentage of school drop outs, vast number of illiterates, not even 2% of
> Dalits  reach Post Graduate level, to avail 18% reservation now existing! So
> when are they going to get the benefits of reservation! 

This is an excellent point. Could you fish out statistics for the
National level. I will put them up on the IPI page. Very important for
policy debate.

> >Please also take note of my strong comment about the Hindu leaders
> >abolishing the discriminatory caste system entirely from their religion. 

 ---if this works it is fine.I wish you good luck!

Well, I don't know about it working or not. I do know that this is a
target that each religion must have. If God created all people equal,
then they must be called equal. Also, I will try to fish out the info
from the Vedas where it is clear that the caste system was not
hereditary when it was first designed.

> >With a bit of work, we can actually operationalize this rhetoric (which
> >both you and I and Prabhu and Vinay and everyone else agrees to). ----
> >
> >I need your very considered opinion before the draft manifesto is
> >circulated to 10,000 people across India.---- I am not an expert oinb this
> field of reservation . Considered opinion may be sought from learned
> scholars who have researched on this subject: Professors Nancharah, Kancha
> Ilaiah, and Chalam in Andhra Pradesh, S.K. Thorat of JNU, Gopal Guru and
> Gail Omveldt of Pune University, to name a few!----

Well, if you send in their addresses, Ajay will arrange to send the
draft manifesto to them for their feedback.

>   I believe the Guptara-Puneet proposal has much >merit----- I fully agree
> it has great merit.

Thanks. We will incorporate that in the manifesto.

> I donot have any easy solutions
> that is why I like to brain storm with your team.

Dear Henry. No one has solutions individually. Together, we can crack
the toughest nut. Thanks for your comments. I believe we have made some



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