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Re: Reply to "Silence?": On the NRI/POI Institute

Postings not related to the writing of the Manifesto or policy chapters
are likely to be summarily rejected. Thanks for your understanding. IPI
>Vamsi M.:-   My >> suggestion, as you know, has been that IPI genuinely
become Indian, namely, >> that the NRI/POI origins allow seed money and
institutional infrastructure>> to allow quick and extensive decentralisation
so it becomes a genuine>> citizens' forum or electronic townhall for the
average Indian in India.

>    Aren't we already in the process of doing this or have we unknowingly
>excluded the common man in India?  In order for us to reach the common in
India>and get him involved, we will definitely need the "seed money" from
NRIs >However, NRIs are simply not going to pump the money without a reason
as they >have foolishly done in the past to feed India's oppressive elite.
They need to>participate and debate in the process for them to donate their
hard earned>money.  I believe we have been allowing such an interface at IPI.-

----While I agree much of policy making excluded the common man, the
afflicted majority who are poor. The NRIs contributed to the corruption in
India by paying money to politicians, to get industrial and trade licences,
houseing plots,etc. and they can afford to pay more than others. I am not
convinced that the providing seed money alone will solve our problems or the
problems of common man!

In this case, the similie is with bacteria and white blood cells. We can
kill the bad bacteria by cutting the barriers which we have (or the
bacteria have) erected against white blood cells (the honest people). We
need to make the Indian political system into an assembly line where
good folks will at least **enter** politics. That has to be the starting
point of a functional democracy. Today we have, in my opinion, a
completely bacteria-driven democracy. I don't see WB corpuscles
anywhere.-----A brilliant analysis

If, on the other hand, it is found on further research and study that
the "Theorem of Corruption" is false and that good people can indeed
enter the system today, if they are interested, then we can examine
other issues such as the recall issue, in more detail

.--- I fully spport good people entering the system, entering politics,
cleansing trhe society and the Govt.  ---- Henry

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