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Re: Must read material

Postings not related to the writing of the Manifesto or policy chapters
are likely to be summarily rejected. Thanks for your understanding. IPI
 Arun Shorie's book has been well debated in Indian papers and by Dalit
scholars. The concensus seem to be, with which i concur, that Arun Shorie
tarnishes Ambedkar based on the same discriminatory prejudices of upper
caste Hindus did to Dalits for 2000 years and are contnuing to do the same.
What the FBI did to Martin Luther King ,Jr. and to President Kennedy when
they took a stand to remove discrimination of African Americans and worked
for their liberation.  A German Nazi Victim, wrote:

First they came for Jews, I did not speak,  Second they came for the
communist, I did not speak, then they came for the trade unionist, I did not
speak, then they came for me, there was nonone to speak for me!  This may
happen to Indians who donot speak for African-American when they suffer
injustice, it is happening in India, first they demolishg the mosque, we did
not speak, now they are burning christian churces, we are not speaking, now
the cricket pits are destroyed-- what is next for us? ............

>b) Ambedkar has apparently run into some problems with historical
>evaluation of his role in the freedom movement. ---This is a biased view
which has been debated much in India and requires more debate!
Though that is not>relevant to us specifically on IPI, I would like to hear
what Henry has>to say about Arun Shourie's book Worshipping False Gods which
is>excerpted at
>	http://www.redifindia.com/freedom/29ambed.htm
>I would like to ask if Ambedkar's definition of a free man (as was
>furnished to us by Henry) is compatible with the actions he apparently
>took during the freedom movement, as recounted by Arun Shourie. It is
>time to re-evaluate everything and to come to a reasoned and transparent
>consensus on what is best for India today. 

Like Dr Martin Luther King, Jr, if there was no Ambedkar, the Dalits would
have no future. Arun shories come and g. But Liberators like Babasaheb
Ambedkar are born once in thosand years! Ambedkar is an emancipator and
though what is best for the oppressed but Arun Shorie is an opportunist, a
political climber now aspiring to become a Minister. I once admired him
for fighting against emergency rule in India, now he lost his balance and
writes all kind of stuff that I donot care for his views any more. The
people of India vote for Jayalalthas of India and not foir Arun shories

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