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Focusing and my comments

Postings not related to the writing of the Manifesto or policy chapters
are likely to be summarily rejected. Thanks for your understanding. IPI
Dear Sanjeev:

Greetings from Chennai! You are doing a fine job as a moderator. I respect
your forthright views. You are not afraid to state your opinions when others
put opposite views. You are holding to the ground realities and you are on
purpose - which I appreciate. 

First let me apologise for the spelling mistakes and goofings, which
indicate that I was tired typing the email. I am a beginner in using a PC
and it is frustrating when electricity goes off/ breaks down frequently,
erases the email typed, or lines are difficult to get,  the vsnl congestion
continues! Though normally I shy away from academic discussions for lack of
time, what you are attempting is a matter close to my heart. Lack of time
and mental reservations on some of the topics prevented me to respond.
Overwhelming work, the needs of poor are demanding and always more than what
I can muster! Thank yoiu for your patience. As I got some time on this
Pongal holiday I will attempt another, reply, having lost one by electricity
failure last night!My comments and answers will follow yours after ---- mark.

Dear Henry, just like you suggested to Vinay that good preaching is not
>enough, I would do the same to you (and you can do the same to me!).
>Fact is, when you ask for 'humanising India,' etc., that is mere talk.
>Mere rhetoric. We are interested, on IPI, in operationalizing all>rhetoric. 
---- My experience of humanising India comes from a very practical level of
organising Dalit Youth about 50 at each time - both boys and girls- average
four cam,ps in an year. I offer them an opportunity to share breaking
through the culture of silence, which comes from social oppression and
discriminations suffered. As they unload their burden and communicate, we
facilitate them to acquire communication skills, experiencence love and
enjoy human fellowship and the possibility of building a new India based on
human dignity, to have that vision.Your anxiety to become operational is
something I understand but I cannot assist you as I have my priorities and
earlier commitments, that I did not find time to read the emails and
respond, while my computer service mechanic complained there is not enough
memory in the software he loaded - which result the screen losing what I type!
>You are definitely getting all my mail.--- Yes--- Then why do you not
comment with>strong logic on the Guptara-Puneet proposals on reservation
policy, etc.--- Though born a Dalit, becuause I was born in a converted
Christian family, I did not get any reservation benefit on the other hand I
suffered most- at least twice- socially, religiously. The plight of Dalit
Christians innrural areas are documented in the video: "Twice Discriminated
Dalit Christians of Tamil Nadu", produced in 1986 by B. Kailasam of Min
Bimmangal, Chennai.

The reality of reservation is --it is a myth, it does not  work! With high
percentage of school drop outs, vast number of illiterates, not even 2% of
Dalits  reach Post Graduate level, to avail 18% reservation now existing! So
when are they going to get the benefits of reservation! Reservation requires
a lot of pre-requisites, first education, second life oriented and
liberative education to become self reliant, third change in mind-set,
thinking to create a social change and social environment. Otherwise
reservation is a political rhetoric to assist politicians like holding the
carrot in front of the starving horse, to delude poor Dalits! A few Dalits
came upo despite the barriers and limitations is a miracle in India. 

The main logic is a conviction and commitment to social justice. If you ask
the developed nations to provide aid because they exploited 3rd woirld
people and their resources, it is the same logic within India that the
Dalits who were denied of education and equal opportunities and were treated
as bonded labourers to work and produce for the benefit of affluent upper
caste communities should be given a fair chance to compete, to grow,
etc.Fist to develop their human personality, which opportunity was robbed
that Dr Ambedkar said: "Our battle is not for power, or money but for
emanicpation of human personality!" I am practically engaged in this woirk
of humanising Dalits from dehumanised conditions for whichbI have created a
Training Centre, integrating human rights, environment  and sustainable
human development - which campus some of you must visit when it becomes
operational in March/April this year.
>Please also take note of my strong comment about the Hindu leaders
>abolishing the discriminatory caste system entirely from their religion. 
---if this works it is fine.I wish you good luck!
>With a bit of work, we can actually operationalize this rhetoric (which
>both you and I and Prabhu and Vinay and everyone else agrees to). ----
>I need your very considered opinion before the draft manifesto is
>circulated to 10,000 people across India.---- I am not an expert oinb this
field of reservation . Considered opinion may be sought from learned
scholars who have researched on this subject: Professors Nancharah, Kancha
Ilaiah, and Chalam in Andhra Pradesh, S.K. Thorat of JNU, Gopal Guru and
Gail Omveldt of Pune University, to name a few!----
  Ambedkar is no more. Please >put yourself in his place and give a logical
reply to the proposal to>operationalize and make fair the issue of
non-discrimination. Ambedkar is a genius of his times, a very rare scholar,
as a student of his writings, I am not qualified to put myself in his place.
>On this forum, you would be pleased to learn, we are completely against
>the exploitation of and discrimination against human beings. ---Dear
Sanjeev, I am really moved by this statement. It is a declaration which
every India should pledge to and say like a mantra, slogan from the bottom
of their heart and liveby it. Then you will see sea-change!
 So, your>work with the Dalits is of great value here. -----THANK YOU FOR
THESE KIND WORDS ----But we want a consensus on >the basis of sound logic.
--- I am helpless here as I am not an academic research scholar to work out
the system for you. What you have done is great. I am not aware anyone else
has done that indexing. 
  I believe the Guptara-Puneet proposal has much >merit----- I fully agree
it has great merit.
 Please give your very considered opinion on it.>Only once we know what the
solution is, can we then discuss this>solution with each other as citizens.
By being at loggerheads with each>other (being 'holier than thou') we are
not going to go very far. I accept this but I donot have any easy solutions
that is why I like to brain storm with your team -- much of my
work-experience reflect the anguish of rural poor Dalits, the silently
suffering humanity who are imprisoned with false cases by police, harassed
by oppressive police, the rape victims who are afraid to speak, the victims
of violence who suffer further injustice by an unjust judicial and
bureucratic structure that we have launched on Dec. 10, 98 a national
campaign for dalit human rights to draw the attention of the Govt. with ten
million signatures. I will comment on your proposals to the best of my
ability and experience - which is very different from what I am reading from
your  debators!

Henry Thiagaraj
Managing Trustee, Dalit Liberation Education Trust
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