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Policies and Issues, not ideology

Postings not related to the writing of the Manifesto or policy chapters
are likely to be summarily rejected. Thanks for your understanding. IPI
Our Vice-President, Parth, was having a dialogue with another gentleman.
Two extracts from that conversation are very well said; I thought we all
ought to "overhear," particularly since many of us so often deviate from
policy discussions into labels and stereotypes. The fact that we have
jointly picked such a wise person as IPI's Vice President surely shows
that we are pretty smart too!

This is what Parth said:

At some point we have to be concerned about the truth (may be not with a
capital T) and not focus on appearances, images, and affiliations.  
It's easy to dismiss others by labelling them--either as neo
colonialists, American capitalists, or as communists, socialists,
statists.  Both sides are equally guilty of such shortcuts.  And may be
there is room for them in rhetorical battles.  But in intellectual
pursuits, one must deal with the ideas/theories/philosophies/visions.


In my considered and studied judgement, capitalism is the best economic
system. Not just for the elites but especially for the poor.  It is this
undestanding that makes me leave US and work for the growth of civil
society in India.  I may be mistaken in my belief but that's what I
belive in after years of studying the matter.

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