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Corruption is a Nash equilibrium

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I am adding a small proposition to the Theorem of Political corruption

Political corruption as Nash equilibrium

* All individuals and all political parties in India would be better off
with complete transparency in their operations. However, given that other
individuals or political parties are not transparent and there is no known
mechanism to monitor the transparency level of others, it is a Nash
equilibrium for political corruption to continue in India.

(in other words, if you are not corrupt you will be quickly wiped out)

Please vet.

If this is true, then what is the remedy?

We as citizens have to come together and debate the incentives and
monitoring mechanism of these political groups at the individual level.
Basically it boils down to answering the questions I have raised earlier: 

What would it take you to join politics?
What would it take you to encourage your children to join politics?

Would the 150 members on IPI please send in their response to these 2
questions? If you wish to remain anonymous, just write to me and I'll
keep your names off the list.

An honest answer to these questions by all of us will lead to the breaking
up of the never-ending negative spiral that India has got stuck into.
Let us start answering this question. 

Like I always say: we like to deceive ourselves. Corruption starts with
each of us wanting to pay less than necessary to get us the high quality
public goods we need to get from government.  We deceive ourselves that
government is meant for 'heroes' and great men who will self-lessly live
on goat milk and provide the great "manna" of high quality public goods
such as honest government, education, roads, and what have you, from the

If we will not do a "favor" for India by joining politics and providing
good governance, then why expect a "favor" from others? You can have one
or two Gandhis in a millennium. That is OK. But is everyone else going
to be a Gandhi and provide you good governance by going personally
bankrupt? Just for the 'glory' of being known as a great hero of India?

Let us get down to the brass tacks and see what it takes to get good
people into politics.


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