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An interesting comment in the Guest book

Postings not related to the writing of the Manifesto or policy chapters
are likely to be summarily rejected. Thanks for your understanding. IPI
This comment has been received on our Guest book. I am endorsing a copy
of this mail to Umesh. He thinks that "One common thing among you all is
the fact that everyone seems to have better idea about India then the
common man of India." I believe there is no common man. We are all
common men. I invite Umesh to join us on the debate in formulating
governance policies for India.  What he said has mostly been taken into
account in the manifesto. Other suggestions will be most welcome.



I think I have communicated with you and many other such web based
organizations in the past.

 One common thing among you all is the fact that everyone seems to have
better idea about
 India then the
 common man of India. We seem to suggest to our people how to run their
affairs, just like our
 successive governments
 of pseudo democracy of over fifty years have done.

 I have two suggestions :

 1. Why not promote empowerment of the people, not suggest them how to
run their affairs, but
 let them take charge and learn to create their own system the way they

 I know, politicians have their own idea of how our system should work.
 Bureaucrats have their own idea as to how our system should work.
 The so called literate english speaking superiority complex ridden city
dewelers have their
 own unique idea as to how the system should run.
 A vibrant democracy requires informed and responsible citizenery, and
what it needs the least
 is elite class telling the masses what to do.

 2. One of the major handicaps of our system is its lack of financial
base. The main reason
 for the problem seems to be the socialistic attitude, which is
responsible for corruption
 as well as lack of accountability on the part of rulers/bureaucrats.

 A debate need to be initiated on how to generate funds locally to carry
out projects that are 
 necessary for local development. One good example is the experiment of
Ahmedabad City 
 Mayor, of launching Municipal Bonds to fund city development projects.
When people will have 
 their own money invested in the government and infrastructure, then you
won't need outside
 lecture to keep people engaged in ensuring a corruption free regime. 

 Thank You. 

 Umesh Tiwari <Umesh.Tiwari@worldnet.att.net>
 Friday, January 15, 1999 at 08:43:03 

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