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Postings not related to the writing of the Manifesto or policy chapters
are likely to be summarily rejected. Thanks for your understanding. IPI
Web statistics of IPI show about a 15% increase in the no. of
independent hosts hitting IPI over the past month (now about 1,150 hosts
are hitting per month), plus a rapid increase of over 20% in the actual
number of hits per month. We now receive nearly 14000 hits per month (of
which I am excluding about 2,000 which are for web adminstration,
leaving us with 12,000 hits from members and others). The manifesto has
now been downloaded by about 162 people.

Program started at Fri-15-Jan-1999 10:06 local time.  Analysed requests
from Tue-15-Dec-1998 11:34 to Fri-15-Jan-1999 10:05 (30.9 days).

Total completed requests: 14 277 (4 127) 
Total failed requests: 597 (171) 
Total redirected requests: 15 (7) 
Average requests per day: 481 (615) 
Number of distinct files requested: 1 569 (970) 
Number of distinct hosts served: 1 157 (450) 
Number of new hosts served in last 7 days: 394 
Corrupt logfile entries: 6 
Total bytes transferred: 105 268 405 (32 412 165) 
Average bytes transferred per day: 3 402 462 (4 630 309) 

Also 9 popular web sites now list IPI; one has just sent in a
confirmation today (below)
Check out http://www.indiapolicy.org/debate/listings.html

Please write to any other web site which you feel is a well-populated
web site for a listing of IPI. Thanks, Sanjeev

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Date: Fri, 15 Jan 1999 11:40:42 -0500
From: B.G. Mahesh <mahesh@mahesh.com>
To: info@indiapolicy.org
Subject: Search Engine


I too have listed you folks on 

Please list us on http://www.indiapolicy.org/debate/listings.html


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mailto: mahesh@mahesh.com  | http://www.CareerIndia.com/

IPI now 

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