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Let us focus, please!

Postings not related to the writing of the Manifesto or policy chapters
are likely to be summarily rejected. Thanks for your understanding. IPI
On Fri, 15 Jan 1999, Vinay Chandekar wrote:
> But, I wish to inform you that my posting to which you refer is NOT
> a comment on  the internal social conditions of India. It refers to
> a certain section of this forum who wish to re-cast India in the
> image of US. I am sure you will find a different meaning in it if
> you look at it from this perspective.

Dear Vinay,

This is the last time, perhaps, that posts of this nature will be
permitted. Things are getting way too repetitive and irrelevant. You are
alleging things which are strongly objectionable to many people here who
have spent nearly a year trying to build a consensus document on the
best policies that India needs to be following. These are "best"
policies, period. Not "American" policies. You have stated your
perceptions many a time. Please rest assured that I DO NOT share your
perception on this issue, particularly after the great praise I heard
about the Soviet Union from you. Perception vs. Perception = nothing.
Let us talk specific policy rather than discuss perceptions.

> I am sorry but you have misunderstood my intentions. My comments
> were against India-bashing, not against India-improvement.

You pretend to be saving India from "India-bashing." Please save your
energy. Nobody here is bashing India. On the other hand, many people are
advocating good policies to dramatically enhance the quality of life in

> Yes, let us strive together to make India Great.

Finally, you claim that you wish to strive together to make India Great.
They why do you think that you are the sole 'protector' of India who
will make wild attacks against people who are working on the IPI forum
and then pretend to be promoting togetherness? Are we not all people? Do
you have no obligation to try to work together with others? Let us
actually work together instead of mouthing great rhetoric.

How do we work together? Well, this forum is a policy-writing forum; not
a chat forum or a personal perceptions forum. If you want to work
together with the IPI group, then please download the draft manifesto,
go thro' it line by line and please send in your comments on the draft.

We are writing policy documents on this list, and we will soon require
people to write flyers, etc. Please volunteer for working on the forum
instead of continuously criticizing this effort. Remember, you always
have the choice of forming your own forum if you don't like the people
who have randomly come togeher on this group. The internet is big enough
to accomodate thousands of IPIs.

I am sorry if this sounds a bit harsh, but it is very late at night and
I am really tired of this 'holier than thou' attitude. I want to hear
specific comments on specific policies rather than this generalized
attack on 'certain sections' of this forum. Why divide when you can help
unite? You claim to be working for a great India. That is precisely the
reason people have spent effort on this group. Please look at the Vision
statement of IPI. Does that claim to be creating an "American"  India or
a useless India? Why do you not give credit to those who have brought
this effort thus far? Please help. We need your brain to guide us
formulate good policy. We are a mere humble policy forum and many people
here get disturbed if they are considered to be some kind of American
stooges. I don't claim that you are a Thai stooge just because you work
in Bangkok, or even a Soviet stooge just because you sing glorious
praise of the ex-Soviet Union. Please have patience with people. We can
all work together. Believe me! Let us simply focus on the document, and
not ramble away on non-issues.

If you have facts that provide better policy options to us, please put
forth your comments on specific issues like Arvind or others have done.
Please do not try to demoralize the people on this list with comments
which alienate rather than unite. Let us truly work together! I assure
you that even if all the Americans in the world tried to "Americanize"
India they would fail. Why are we afraid of a nation a quarter our size?
Please get rid of this false bogey. We are helping design a great India.

I do hope you will provide your best support for this effort by
critically examining the policy document. Thanks!



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