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Re. Mr. Henry Thiagraj.- hremi

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hremi wrote on 15 January 1999,

1.  ".........Corruption because of election expenses was iniated
systematised by Politicians for whom the bureaucrats for their
willing to collude and loot tax-payers public money .........."

2. Re : Accept India as it is. (original by Self.)

Dear Mr. Henry Thiagraj,

I have read your concerned, anguished and indignant response. I have
Tremendous sympathy with your Cause and consider the present
conditions of Dalits to be a stigma on any civilized society. I hail
from a part of India where the Dalits are not so much discriminated
against as in others. (Unfortunately or fortunately, in the Unity of
India, there is a lot of diversity.)

But, I wish to inform you that my posting to which you refer is NOT
a comment on  the internal social conditions of India. It refers to
a certain section of this forum who wish to re-cast India in the
image of US. I am sure you will find a different meaning in it if
you look at it from this perspective.

I am sorry but you have misunderstood my intentions. My comments
were against India-bashing, not against India-improvement.

Yes, let us strive together to make India Great.

Some additional comments :

The reason I commented on the abetment by bureaucrats of the
"intentions" of politicians was to bring out the fact that the
bureaucrats are not doing their Duty as laid down in various manuals
of their service obligations. 90% of corruption can be curbed simply
by working within the legal bounds and not using one's ingeniousness
to circumvent the laws that were framed to prevent just such
occurrences. If some one does not have the guts to perform his duty,
he should not take up the assignment and resign. How can a Nation
Stand if the men entrusted with the defence of its institutions have
no Spine ? The number of corrupt officials is not too big, only a
small percentage of them indulge in corruption. The others have to
stand up to them - this I consider to be a part of their duty.
Granted, that some may be victimised but then the other alternative
is to wear bangles around wrists and decorate one's hands with
Mehendi. Only from solidarity among the good can a  solution emerge.
So I do not agree with your absolvement of the bureaucrat on the
ground that  he colludes to ensure his survival.

As to the problems faced by Dalits, there is no easy solution. You
will have to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps. No ruling
class anywhere in the world, likes the enlargement of the circle of
power or economic ascendancy of the "underclass". (Don't get me
wrong, I use this phrase to cut down the lengthy explantion stated
in brief by it.) You must follow the same time-tested path of
emancipation - education first and then helping each other. Without
the helping attitude, education by itself is not enough and will
take too long to bring you upliftment. For example, let us say a
person becomes a Civil Engineer. Instead of working for a
multinational company, let him, after an initial period of
consolidation of personal economic resorces, GO INTO BUSINESS (in a
co-operative way) to build economically priced dwellings for his own
people. If a person becomes a learned professor, let him devote some
time to educate many rather than take up an assignment with some
Fancy Institution offerring him fancy emoluments. Set up your own
retail shops. In Short, GO INTO BUSINESS. Economic freedom is not
won by Pan-handling. A very important side-remark : leave your place
of birth, go to big cities where everyone is nameless but remember
to send back the earnings HOME. You are forever going to have only
EMBRACE many. I do not say that the struggle is easy but that is the
ONLY way.


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