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Re: Joint Statement & Newsletter FREEDOM

Postings not related to the writing of the Manifesto or policy chapters
are likely to be summarily rejected. Thanks for your understanding. IPI
Dear Mithinga Doimary,

It was nice to receive your mail which I read with some care and

I am currently trying to see if we, the people of India (or whatever you
call it), can talk to each other as human beings and try to find out the
true causes of the corruption and decadence in India. For this purpose,
I have helped start the National Debate on System Reform, at the India
Policy Institute, www.indiapolicy.org

I would like to invite you and your friends of the United Liberation
Front of Assam to the National Debate as equals, i.e., as people first
and (maybe?) Indian citizens later. Let us first of all try to find out
the true causes of what has gone wrong with India (not that everything
is wrong, but surely there is tremendous scope for improvement
everywhere). Once we know the causes, we can work together for the

I would urge you to go thro' the material so far compiled on the India
Policy Institute and see if the work being done through debate across
the internet, is of any interest to you. I believe it is of interest. I
have, in the course of my duties in Assam had occasion to read much of
the literature and flyers distributed by ULFA across Assam. And I
believe that you and many others on the ULFA organization might find the
material prepared on IPI of at least some thought-provoking interest.

Earlier, I had requested members of the All Assam Students Union, most
of its senior members whom I know personally, to also join this debate.
But perhaps they did not have e-mail access and have not yet joined. I
would urge you to contact all friends and well-wishers of Assam and
(maybe??!) of India, and everyone else, to join this debate. We want to
make this into a truly National Debate.

We are going to be beginning the 3rd round of debates soon. The document
prepared after the first 2 rounds is available on the internet for easy
download. This document will be the basis of further discussions. Your
inputs will be welcomed as one among equals.



cc. Members of IPI. I received a "newsletter" from the United
Libreration Front of Assam by email today. Clearly, in this world of
open internet connections, one can receive and send mail to everyone
else, and my e-mail is rather public! This is an opportunity not to be
lost, I believe. I think it would be best for us, as citizens and
well-wishers of India, to initiate discussion and debate with all
organizations, if for nothing else, but to understand those who are
giving up their lives (and taking lives too, I must say!) for causes
dear to their hearts.

This is the National Debate on System Reform.       debate@indiapolicy.org
Rules, Procedures, Archives:            http://www.indiapolicy.org/debate/