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Dear Henry, 

Before I forget: please find out and let us know how much it will take
to erect a 100 foot cut-out of Mr. X (anyone), on the road at the beach
near the MGR and Anna memorials. The last time I went to Chennai, in
1990, I think, or 1991, I observed that one lady of certain reknown,
wearing black or gray jacket, was prominently displayed for the common
people to marvel at, in huge cut-outs at every 100 feet (or so it
seemed) across the length and breadth of Chennai. Those cut-outs might
have costed money, perhaps... I don't know. After all, it is possible
that the people who make cut-outs for a living might have donated all
these in reverence for the great lady.

If cut-outs are free or cheaply supplied in Chennai, could you please
order a few for me and my kids along that road? My 3 year old daughter's
cut-outs (100 feet high!) would be very attractive, indeed, and improve
the general appearance of Chennai.

Well, on a serious note, please do let us know the cost of each such
cut-out. We are working out the cost of campaigning in elections in
India, for purposes of studying the Theorem of Corruption, and such
information is vital to the analysis.



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