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Henry's comments

Postings not related to the writing of the Manifesto or policy chapters
are likely to be summarily rejected. Thanks for your understanding. IPI
On Thu, 14 Jan 1999, hremi wrote:
> -(--MY cooments)--Corruption because of election expenses was iniated and
> systematised by Politicians for whom the bureaucrats for their survival
> willing to collude and loot tax-payers public money. Then how can the
> country prosper? It is going down economically day by day! The only thing
> that is happening is how to secure money for next elections, as any time
> coalition will fail . Coalition rule exist superficially and only for
> making money and not to govern. We have lost governance, as people are
> ruled by goondas, rowdies and rural areas witness this violence,
> intolerance making what Babasaheb Ambedkar said in Volume III a reality. 

a) I am almost but not yet fully ready to accept the election expenses
as the root cause of India's corruption. We are making some progress.
But before we, as intelligent (??!) citizens conclude without a doubt
that there is a HIGH barrier to entry against honest citizens into
governance (i.e., political services), we would be best advised to
withold judgment. I would urge Henry to find out the facts as requested
from our journalist friends, and let us all consider the cost of running
an actual election, as well as the return from the election. A plain
economic analysis will confirm this "Theorem." Let us, when we go to the
people with our document, have fool-proof evidence of the veracity of
what we are saying. 

> >Our second problem, of course, is our America-worshipping,
> >quasi-educated pseudo-intellectuals. But these people are not likely
> >to forsake their American salaries and come back to India so are not
> >a matter of great concern. My advice to these people is this : 
> -- This is good preaching but, please see other side of the coin----->

> >1.  Accept India as it is ;
> -- Accept the poverty, violence and atrocities on Dalits, tribals, burn
> worshipping places of minorities and exploit women, not abolishing
> scavenging, slums, no drinking water, keep bonded labour, child labour for
> Indian feudal lords who ruined India for 2000 years! by keeping
> illiterate, brainwashing that it is your karma to suffer and born low! The
> exploitation of the poor, children and women are crimes thsat went
> unpunished in Indian socio-political system. There is no East or West when
> it comes to corruption and moral values - they are universal, and human
> elements. Let us talk about humanising India, making its people to respect
> human dignity and uplift the poor and downtrodden.  

Dear Henry, just like you suggested to Vinay that good preaching is not
enough, I would do the same to you (and you can do the same to me!).
Fact is, when you ask for 'humanising India,' etc., that is mere talk.
Mere rhetoric. We are interested, on IPI, in operationalizing all

You are definitely getting all my mail. Then why do you not comment with
strong logic on the Guptara-Puneet proposals on reservation policy, etc.
Please also take note of my strong comment about the Hindu leaders
abolishing the discriminatory caste system entirely from their religion.
With a bit of work, we can actually operationalize this rhetoric (which
both you and I and Prabhu and Vinay and everyone else agrees to). 

I need your very considered opinion before the draft manifesto is
circulated to 10,000 people across India. Ambedkar is no more. Please
put yourself in his place and give a logical reply to the proposal to
operationalize and make fair the issue of non-discrimination.

On this forum, you would be pleased to learn, we are completely against
the exploitation of and discrimination against human beings. So, your
work with the Dalits is of great value here. But we want a consensus on
the basis of sound logic. I believe the Guptara-Puneet proposal has much
merit. Please give your very considered opinion on it.

Only once we know what the solution is, can we then discuss this
solution with each other as citizens. By being at loggerheads with each
other (being 'holier than thou') we are not going to go very far.



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