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Re: "Theorem" of Corruption

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[Moderator: Most of the counter-comments of Henry are on the comments of

>. Corruption and bad>governance is not solely due to the politicians
concerned but also>because our public servants are active colluders in it.

> So whether IPI Theorems work out or not, India is well on its march
> towards greater prosperity.

-(--MY cooments)--Corruption because of election expenses was iniated and
systematised by Politicians for whom the bureaucrats for their survival
willing to collude and loot tax-payers public money. Then how can the
country prosper? It is going down economically day by day! The only thing
that is happening is how to secure money for next elections, as any time
coalition will fail . Coalition rule exist superficially and only for
making money and not to govern. We have lost governance, as people are
ruled by goondas, rowdies and rural areas witness this violence,
intolerance making what Babasaheb Ambedkar said in Volume III a reality. 

>Our second problem, of course, is our America-worshipping,
>quasi-educated pseudo-intellectuals. But these people are not likely
>to forsake their American salaries and come back to India so are not
>a matter of great concern. My advice to these people is this : 

-- This is good preaching but, please see other side of the coin----->

>1.  Accept India as it is ;

-- Accept the poverty, violence and atrocities on Dalits, tribals, burn
worshipping places of minorities and exploit women, not abolishing
scavenging, slums, no drinking water, keep bonded labour, child labour for
Indian feudal lords who ruined India for 2000 years! by keeping
illiterate, brainwashing that it is your karma to suffer and born low! The
exploitation of the poor, children and women are crimes thsat went
unpunished in Indian socio-political system. There is no East or West when
it comes to corruption and moral values - they are universal, and human
elements. Let us talk about humanising India, making its people to respect
human dignity and uplift the poor and downtrodden.  

> >2.  Participate in the Future of your own motherland by

---- making India Greart free from violence, exploitation feudal lords,
criminal gangs, white colour crimimes, looting taxpayers money etc.

---- Thiagaraj

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