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'Duty to self' , suggested addition to "The Peoples' Mainfesto"

Postings not related to the writing of the Manifesto or policy chapters
are likely to be summarily rejected. Thanks for your understanding. IPI
Dear friends,

First of all let me clarify that I am new to 'Indiapolicy' and may =
therefore be raising issues which have already been debated and =
'thrashed out' in the past. I seek your indulgence on this count.
Also, let me congratulate all those who have put in such a lot of time, =
thought and effort in this initiative. I have read 'The Peoples' =
Manifesto' and must congratulate all those involved in  its drafting for =
the clarity of vision and purpose demonstrated in it.
I would like to share my views on some of the points raised in the =
manifesto. In this first mail I wish to discuss the following paragraph, =
( ' The Free Citizen, The Fair Society. A Free Citizen's Declaration of =
Personal Sovereignty' ) :-

Our existence is separate
      The chain of events leading to my birth, essentially unrelated in =
any way to the political boundaries that I see today, places me in the =
environs of a particular society, to which I am related essentially =
through my parents. But ultimately, I am an independent link of the =
chain, that will one day break away like a leaf falling from the tree, =
existing today for reasons best defined by me and understood by me, =
alone. I alone can actually feel pain when I nick myself, not my nation, =
nor even my family. I alone can think for myself. Not my nation, nor =
even my family.

          Here, I think that we would do well to realize that although =
we exist as individuals, separately, yet, most of the things in our =
lives are not really in our hands. No individual is absolutely free or =
independent. Even his existence, in his birth or demise, is not in his =
hands. And even when he exists, most of his life, his bodily functions, =
his thought processes are not in his total control.

         I have found that if one views his body as something which has =
been 'lent' to him for a certain period of time, to be made best use of =
while he exists, then he is better geared to face some of the physical =
and mental adversity which he inevitably faces during the course of his =
life on earth. Often, people view the body as their own, something which =
can be used (?and abused) at will. They ignore illness with the result =
that curable tumours become inoperable cancers and fever manifests as =
rampant infection, all because they did not treat their body with the =
respect it deserved. =20

       I would like this obligation of an individual to his own self,  =
finding place in the manifesto by making the following addition to the =
paragraph quoted above :-

      " However, I do realize, that this body which has been bestowed =
upon me, and on which I have not been granted absolute control, demands =
respect and confers upon me the obligation that I look after it in the =
best possible manner, so as to make the best use of it in the time =
allotted to me for the purpose. I shall also be similarly obliged =
towards my children's welfare till such time as they are adults, capable =
of looking after themselves."

Anil Shukla.


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