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Views of Vamsi and Arvind

Postings not related to the writing of the Manifesto or policy chapters
are likely to be summarily rejected. Thanks for your understanding. IPI
Two members of the Editorial Board, Vamsi and Arvind have turned in
their suggestions on the draft Manifesto. These suggestions are now
available for all of us to see (in the notes section) at


Reg. the point by Arvind: "Several points which were discussed haven't
yet been included. Will they be included in the next draft? Is it
because no summaries were available? If so, I can try to fish the points
out from the archives."

The reply is obvious. These things don't get incorprated magically. A
lot of effort is required. Clearly, we have no manpower to work on
recording our 'consensus.' I did whatever I could (and broke my hand in
the process). Ash did his best. Ajay, Arvind, and many others too
helped. That's all we could do.

At least we did something; we did not keep cribbing against the IPI and
its "foreign" elements and its moderation, like some members on this
list try to do, sometimes. 3 cheers to us who worked to make this happen
and did not give up despite the tendency of some folks to label this
effort falsely in some way or the other. 3 cheers to those brave and
optimistic folk who started this effort. There are only 2 categories of
people in this world. Those who make the world move and those who
continuously crib about it, whether it moves or not. On IPI we have the
pleasure of having the movers of India and hopefully the few cribbers
who are left will either leave to start their own "Crib about India
Movement" or start becoming positive people, willing to work together to
make this into a truly National Debate. Together we can do miracles.

So, let us do the best we can. If while fishing the archives later we
find something relevant, we can always add. That is the nature of this
work. Continuously improving our thinking about issues.

Thanks for the work put in by Vamsi and Arvind. I am going to compile
the final draft manifesto based on these responses as well as the
awaited replies from Henry, and make it ready to send out as soon as
Ajay confirms that he is ready to print 10,000 copies of the manifesto.
That is only the beginning. I visualize that at least 100,000 copies of
the manifesto will be released on the 1st of January, 2000, including
hopefully, its translation into 15 Indian languages.

2 other editorial board members need to be reminded. Ram has returned
from India. He can take a look at the draft. Also, Ash needs to send in
his comments. Ajay is also on the Editorial board but we can exempt him
for other work at the moment since he is registering IPI and getting
income tax clearances, etc.



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