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Very useful innovations

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Dear friends,

In order to direct the attention of potential entrepreneurs in India and
outside toward useful and much needed innovations, I am starting a web
page under Policy Clearning House called: Very Useful Innovations.

It will contain a list of things (with brief description wherever
possible) which are small but extremely useful. Many of these little
innovations help improve the quality of life abroad, and it will be nice
to see someone pick up some of these ideas to start production of such
small but useful things in India. Many of these things might actually be
available in India but their quality is often v. poor.

I have a small list to get the ball rolling:

	-	dry gum
	-	self-adhesive stamps
	-	refrigerator magnets (of good quality)
	-	plastic sprinklers for lawns and gardens
	-	envelopes that do not tear apart in their travels
		to other nations/ destinations.
	-	good quality peelers for the kitchen
	-	bar-coding in everything produced in India
	-	bar-code scanned checkout counters in shopping centers
	-	24 hour hot and cold water in all houses
	-	telephone sockets that can be plugged in even by babies
	-	security cameras against theft in big shopping centers
			(to avoid the harrassment of genuine customers
			by fellows who keep asking "what do you want?")
	-	nails and screwdrivers of standard sizes
	-	piped gas in every house
	-	self-service photocopying and other machines which use
		card keys
	-	simple parking meters everywhere
	-	self-service petrol stations which work on credit cards
	- 	electric plugs and sockets of a safe variety

These are now available at


Please furnish suggestions.



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