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Re: "Theorem" of Corruption

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prabhu.guptara@ny.ubs.com wrote:

    It appears to me that the degree of corruption in any country is a

>      function of three factors: (a) the standard of living of that country
>      relative to the pay received by government officials; (b) the
>      effectiveness of the police and judicial systems (which depend on
>      sound Constitutions and open government; and all these, in turn,
>      depend on the next factor); (c) the degree to which a strong sense of
>      ethics has been internalised by the people of a country.

I'm surprised that Professor Guptara doesn't mention the degree of govt
control of the economy as an explanatory variable for corruption.  It
seems impossible to find a country with high degree of corruption which
does not also have high degree of govt intervention in the economic life. 

One can actually find exceptions to all the three factors mentioned.  The
last factor makes Kuwaitis and Cost Ricans more ethical than Indians and
Pakistanis.  A viable implication?? 


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