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Re: "Theorem" of Corruption

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---Vinay Chandekar <vinay@asiaaccess.net.th> wrote:
> You criticize India Govt for trying to censor
Internet. Yet you
> employ Moderators to censor out individual
opinions. If this is not
> duplicity and hypocricy, I don't know what else it

Maybe we should try running IP without moderation
for some time. If things go out of control, we 
should step in?

> Our second problem, of course, is our

Can you please be specific and show which post smacked
of America worshipping? Or do you equate support of
a particular economic system with America worshipping?
Then we would have to say that indians were America
worshippers in the olden days when they carried out 

> quasi-educated pseudo-intellectuals. But these
people are not likely
> to forsake their American salaries and come back to
India so are not

Why should these people do so under the current system?
What you are saying is - Bribes will be asked, licenses
will be rejected, if you submit an idea as proposal
it will be rejected and the idea will be given to
some relative of a minister, you will have to pay
bribes for a telephone connection or electricity
connection. All this bribe will be used by politicians
and bureaucrats. If you do not invest you are 

Remember that you yourself have fled the country to
make a life in a capitalistic setup. It is easy to talk
but reality is different.

> a matter of great concern. My advice to these
people is this :
> 1.  Accept India as it is ;

Are you from Bombay? If so, I am not surprised you
say this. After all, the interests of an entire nation
has been sacrificed to keep the citizens of this city
happy. Even Delhi had power cuts, Bombay has never had.
I used to live in Guntur which had 14 hours power cut
in summer. Bangalore in 1996 had 4 hours powercut.
Have you ever undergone 'alternate day water supply'?
A bus service where you wait hours and when the bus 
arrives, you don't get in because there was a mad
rush? Tell me, why should I accept all this? Bombay
and to some extent Pune (due to its proximity to
Bombay) were pampered only because the industrialists
there propped up the politicians.

> etc. Your stand seems to be, "We are the people
with Money, do as we

You have misunderstood. The actual stand is "We are 
the People".

> India, there are ten sitting right inside India who
are quite
> capable of looking after its welfare.

Nationalist feeling apart, please be humble enough to
admit that India is in a pathetic state.

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