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Re: Healthcare

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Arvind Kumar wrote:

> How about corporatising hospitals to attract foreign
> patients? We can make a 'killing' with cheaper rates
> in India. We could allow world's best doctors in india
> so that patients from all over the world are attracted
> to india for treatment.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe there are a number of private,
"for-profit" hospitals already operating in India- Apollo is one name that
comes to mind. There are also a number of privately owned individual
hospitals. I also understand that they do attract some clients from the
Persian Gulf- or at least they used to the last I heard. 

> We should also ask WTO to have a clause that Western
> governments should not subsidize healthcare as it would
> affect our business interests.

The flipside of that would be that western healthcare conglomerates could
reasonably counter that the Indian government dismantle any publicly
funded healthcare: free clinics, drug manufacture, vaccine subsidies, and
so on- something that I see as undesirable

I'm not sure what it is you're suggesting we try to accomplish by
[further] privatising healthcare. Could you elaborate? 


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