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Re: Addition to Theorem of Corruption.

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Vinay Chandekar wrote:

> You will be able to read for yourself the moral deterioration that =
> imbibing western values indiscriminately is causing among us.

Surely, you are being sarcastic?

I can't see what the behavior described [hit & run with no remorse] has to
do with "imbibing western values". I see the notion that the posessors of
wealth, power, and privlege see themselves being above the law, as fairly
universal.  For example, it doesn't take "western values" for a powerful
landowner in a village in India to be able to murder and rape landless
laborers with impunity, or sometimes without even being noticed. 


Ah, but justice is a fickle thing,
One law for the common man, another for the king.
And, don't you know when kings can't win the game,
Won't be long 'til all the rules have changed.
And it's all justified, when you're on the winning side.

[ from "The Winning Side" by Robbie O'Connell ]

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