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Re: "Theorem" of Corruption

Postings not related to the writing of the Manifesto or policy chapters
are likely to be summarily rejected. Thanks for your understanding. IPI
 On 11 January Dr. Subroto Roy wrote :

"Dear Mr. Sabhlok,

Thanks for your note.    Please ensure my reply reaches the whole
IPI forum..........."

and Mr. Sabhlok replied : " PS: Prof. Roy had been requested
personally by me to comment reg. this ........."


I strongly endorse the posting of Dr. Subroto Roy.

With a few exceptions, most contributors to debate seem to engage in
India-bashing more than anything else. Their ideas are "weird" to
say the least.

And, indeed, why do we need censorship and moderators in a forum
where less than a dozen people contribute postings ?

You criticize India Govt for trying to censor Internet. Yet you
employ Moderators to censor out individual opinions. If this is not
duplicity and hypocricy, I don't know what else it is.

And now to Mr. Sabhlok's reply (to the posting of Dr. Roy):

".......... the owner of this effort is clear: it is the people of
India who own this debate."

What do you mean by "people of India" ? The real people of India,
99.999% do not even know that there is a debate going on about their
future policy and if they knew about it, most probably they would
laugh at it. Perhaps, by "people of India" you may mean the
subscribers  to this forum - about 150 of them ? Most of these are
silent, so you must be meaning the active contributors to debate -
about 10. Wow ! That is great - one contributor, so to say,
representing nearly 100 million of Indians !

"....... the effort to bring sanity and sense into Indian policy

Indian Policy is sane, it is IPI that suffers from lack of sense.
India's main problem is its educated class of doubtful morality
which forms a major part of our administrating cadre, and is eating
up India. Now steps are being taken to Seize property amassed by
public servants which is disproportionate to their known sources of
income and this should soon have its effect in instilling a sense of
accountability and so reduce corruption. Corruption and bad
governance is not solely due to the politicians concerned but also
because our public servants are active colluders in it. So whether
IPI  Theorems work out or not, India is well on its march towards
greater prosperity.

Our second problem, of course, is our America-worshipping,
quasi-educated pseudo-intellectuals. But these people are not likely
to forsake their American salaries and come back to India so are not
a matter of great concern. My advice to these people is this :

1.  Accept India as it is ;

2.  Participate in the Future of your own motherland by making
financial investment but please do not waste your time and others'
by making futile suggestions as long as you are not physically
residing in India. At present, most of you seem to wish to lay down
conditions for such participation : Grant of Dual citizenship,
Freedom to start Any business with disputes between customers and
owners of business being left to legal Courts, Unfetterred Press etc
etc. Your stand seems to be, "We are the people with Money, do as we
say". If you decide to wait for this type of privileges, you might
have to wait for ever. Let me remind you, a lot of foreigners are
Coming to India to start up businesses without asking the Govt to
make special laws for them nor do they ask for "dual citizenship".
Let me sound a good hearted warning to you, if you fail to
participate today, all you can do with your accumulated dollars is
to spend it in your retirement in Los Angeles or San Francisco or
Chicago. If you opt to come back to India, you are Coming back Home.
Think for yourself what is good for you.

Do not forget that for every single educated brain drained away from
India, there are ten sitting right inside India who are quite
capable of looking after its welfare.

Best Regards,

Yours sincerely,



[Note from Moderator: NO mail of any relevance has been censored so far. 
Only advertisements and some mail not sent to IndiaPolicy but as carbon
copy to IPI have been deleted. Please do not also worry about "ownership" 
- it is the principle which is important, and not the actual act of
'ownership.' NOBODY has been denied any access to speak out on IPI and
nobody will be. It belongs to everyone who is concerned about India. 
People are free to subscribe or unsubscribe to this debate and make it a
national debate or to treat their own knowledge of the world as supreme
and sit making these claims that there are people who are better aware of
things somewhere else. Where?

Finally reg. what is weird: please specify clearly. When have you last
pointed out that any idea is weird? What has been your role in the debate?

Weird ideas must be eliminated as soon as possible, but not by criticizing
the whole effort but by pointing out what is wrong. 

Please stop bashing IPI. You and I and all of us constitute IPI. 
Contribute something of worth to the framing of good policy if you can or
are interested. I have not heard much yet from you. Please stop
blaming others. Sanjeev]

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