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Addition to Theorem of Corruption.

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Hello  Everyone !

A little while ago, I sent in a caustic posting, remarking upon the =
twisted psychology of our west - educated or westernised educated class. =

To that I am adding the following excerpt from one of today's Indian =

You will be able to read for yourself the moral deterioration that =
imbibing western values indiscriminately is causing among us. The =
students concerned are studying abroad, one is US another in UK and are =
exposed to same environment that is being lived in by most of the =
"debaters" of this forum. You will also note the comments of =
Sociologists and Police officers. Dr. Narinder Bhatia can draw his =
conclusions from these comments whether our Police officers are =
qualified enough or need to be tutored on some lines he thinks is =
appropriate for them.

The excerpt refers to hit and run driving by Sanjeev Nanda in which =
three people were killed and two seriously injured.


When Sanjeev Nanda, accused of being responsible for the death of five =
persons, was brought to the police station, he was still drunk. After =
running over seven people, including three policemen, he had reportedly =
sped away, making cat-calls.=20

Had the oil leak not led the police to his friend's house, where the car =
was washed of the blood and flesh, there is very little chance that he =
would have been brought to book for his act.=20

=93It would have cost him less than a few lakhs, small change for him, =
to get the car repaired, as good as new, within a few hours,=94 said a =
senior officer. The car had foreign number plates and had been brought =
into India barely 15 days ago. There was no way the police could have =
traced the car's owners on the basis of just the number.=20

But this attitude of running away after committing crimes, escaping =
consequences and otherwise circumventing the law, explained a =
sociologist, was typical of the youth of this generation.=20

=93Our findings also prove this. If 93 per cent of those arrested in the =
last year were first timers, it is also a fact that they commit crimes =
or break the law not for removing their poverty. They take to these =
activities because of their unbridled aspirations. This is a generation =
of =91I want it and I want it now=92,=94 said Joint Commissionerof =
Police, Southern Range, Amod Kanth, who also runs the juvenilce care =
centre, Prayas.=20

Sanjeev Nanda, pursuing his Masters in Business Management at =
Philadelphia, was a month away from graduation. He was in India for a =
holiday. The death dispensing drive, that the young grandson of a former =
Navy chief who is now an arms dealer, undertook, was not a routine =
drive. He was under strict instructions from his father not to drive =
after a party. But, as fate would have it, the party invitation came on =
the day the driver had taken an off.=20

Asked why they did not stop after running over the policemen at the =
picket, they reportedly told the police that they were scared. =
=93Surely, this is not what they have learnt in Philadelphia and London, =
where Manik Kapoor, the friend accompanying him studied. This total =
disregard for the safety of others and the subsequent ignorance to =
social and humanitarian obligations calls for introspection, not only =
from their family members as to what values they have imparted to them, =
but also in society as to where we are heading,=94 said a senior police =

Another senior officer blamed bad upbringing and the imparting of warped =
values for the incident. =93There is no value for the life of the common =
man because these youngsters know that their parents can purchase the =
law. A battery of lawyers, will work overtime to get them all the =
benefits of the loopholes in the system,=94 he said.=20

The legal system is already working to protect them. Sanjeev Nanda, a =
young and healthy 21-year-old, has already complained of chest pains and =
had to be taken to the hospital.=20


I hope you will excuse me for disturbing your peace of mind by bringing =
these "practical" problems of licentiousness to light.

If you want more details, I will send you other related reports.



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