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Re: Reply to "Silence?": On the NRI/POI Institute

Postings not related to the writing of the Manifesto or policy chapters
are likely to be summarily rejected. Thanks for your understanding. IPI

My argument follows.

Dr. Subroto Roy wrote:

> 2.   Even there, the contributions being made are not by those familiar or
> having access to genuine political or policy-making circles in their adopted
> countries, but by persons, by and large, who are in professions, careers and
> jobs unrelated to public policy formation.   E.g. while it may be
> interesting for Indians to learn from, say someone interested and well-known
> as a scholar of American federalism or race relations,  I cannot see see why
> the opinions on federalism or secularism in India expressed by, say, an
> Indian-American  engineer in California or Michigan should receive any
> publicity more than that of, say, the man on the street in Hyderabad or
> Lucknow.     The man on the street in Hyderabad or Lucknow is going about
> his own business and not going about interfering in local politics or
> writing manifestos for the good States of California or Michigan, and so I
> cannot see what interest there would be in Hyderabad or Lucknow for the
> opinions of the ordinary citizens of California or Michigan.     My
> suggestion, as you know, has been that IPI genuinely become Indian, namely,
> that the NRI/POI origins allow seed money and institutional infrastructure
> to allow quick and extensive decentralisation so it becomes a genuine
> citizens' forum or electronic townhall for the average Indian in India.

    Aren't we already in the process of doing this or have we unknowingly
excluded the common man in India?  In order for us to reach the common in India
and get him involved, we will definitely need the "seed money" from NRIs.
However, NRIs are simply not going to pump the money without a reason as they
have foolishly done in the past to feed India's oppressive elite.  They need to
participate and debate in the process for them to donate their hard earned
money.  I believe we have been allowing such an interface at IPI.

Vamsi M.

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