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No discussion on technical aspects?

Postings not related to the writing of the Manifesto or policy chapters
are likely to be summarily rejected. Thanks for your understanding. IPI
Dear friends,

I am waiting patiently for critical comments on the technique and
assumptions used in the "Theorem of Corruption." None of the about 50
economists I have sent it to has replied nor have the financial/
economic experts on this list commented on the technical aspects.

Please note that this "Theorem" cuts at the heart of our democracy by
claiming and proving that our democracy is a sham and that we have
deliberately or negligently designed our political system to drive out
the good folks from our politics and perhaps from our country. It is our
bounden duty as citizens to check out our political incentive structures
and to provide the right incentives to ensure that:

* people who are knowledgeable and capable as well as honest flock
toward our public offices rather than shunning it;

* people come together to form political parties which are corporatist
in that they GUARANTEE

	-	honesty and effectiveness
	-	complete transparency
	-	protection of freedoms of the people
	-	protection against any misuse of power
	-	effectively designed judicial and other systems, etc.

I presume that on this list are alreay people with sufficient knowledge
and integrity to provide excellent governance to India. What will ENSURE
that such people will compete freely and fairly on issues (rather than
personalities) with the goal of providing us, Indians, an honest and
effective governance?

Why I am interested is for a very basic question. Each day I debate
whether to return to my job or to leave it permanently. The key reason
why I consider this thing is because I think that I have the right to
expect honest and clean and effective political leaders whom I will
serve but that I have not got such a supply of leaders from you, the
people of this great and glorious nation of ours. You need to at least
show me that you understand what is involved in the provision of such
good governance services; that such services do not come free; that such
services do not come by paying wages to your reps that are so low that
they can never hope to even recover the costs of contesting elections.

It is easy as citizens to keep complaining that we get bad governance.
But I assure you that despite the existence of highly committed and
sincere officers at all levels, you will continue to receive terrible
services if you fail to ensure that good people enter politics to
provide leadership to India.

Please help folks who are honest and sincere to continue to work in this
system by finally understanding, as citizens, that we have GUARANTEED
ourselves some of the worst Indians in politics through our hypocritic
electoral and compensation system. If you do not, as members of IPI,
come out clearly and boldly about this "Theorem of Corruption" as the
fundamental theorem that describes the Great Corruption of India, then
you would be glossing over what is clearly the most OBVIOUS incentive
system for corruption. You and I do that at our own risk. Let us check
out this "Theorem" very carefully; each word of it; each assumption.

Given the data, I ask each and everyone of you to answer, as honestly as
possible, the following question:

	WHAT is it that you would need to see in place in order
		to serve in public office in India?

and 	WHAT is it that you would need to see in place in order
		to encourage your children to serve India
		thorugh public office?

Please check out the data sent out earlier by me/ Arvind; study
carefully this issue, and write about these issues in some detail. I
would like to send out this Theorem of Corruption as an appendix to each
and every of the 10,000 people that we are going to send out the
Manifesto to. 

I believe that we as Indians must finally come face to face with the
fact that we, as a nation, have CREATED the huge and terrible corruption
that we see all around us. Indians are NOT corrupt. They are
intellectually lazy and perhaps hypocritic. They would like others to
provide them with good governance while ensuring that those who provide
such services undergo a severe personal loss. If that does not happen
they we as a nation squander millions of tons of newsprint to write
about corruption but we are unwilling to accept or even analyze the fact
that it is WE who have, by deliberately avoiding politics and public
office, gifted ourselves with perhaps the most corrupt governance in the
history of India.

None of the 50 economists have bothered to even consider this issue in
the last week since I sent it out. None of you on IPI have bothered to
technically examine this "theorem." Please do so. It is time to wake up
and face ourselves in the eye. If nothing else, let us examine why NONE
of us are willing to provide public office to India.



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