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Moral Police

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The following appeared in Deccan Chronicle dated 
11th Jan 1999. After choking the flow of information
by banning Pakistan television, the government now
wants to police the TV transmission.

IMHO, the government is completely confused on this
issue. First they refused to allow the channels to
uplink from India. Then, seeing that there was money
in these channels uplinking from india, they said
that the channels have to uplink only from india if
they want to transmit in india. As usual, a huge fee
would have to be paid for making information flow.
Now this.


Big Brother BJP to bend laws to stop sky invasion 

Hyderabad: Hyderabad, Jan. 10: The Union government
will play big brother and soon bring in an amendment
to the Cable TV Network Act to curb the “cultural
invasion of the country” by satellite channels, Union
Information and Broadcasting Minister Pramod Mahajan
said on Sunday. 

He also said the government would finance serials on
‘spiritual’ leaders such as Chhatrapati Shivaji and
Swami Vivekanand.Talking to reporters at the
Ramakrishna Math here, Mahajan said the “onslaught of
foreign culture in an unbridled manner was polluting
young minds and posing a threat to Indian culture and

He said the proposed amendments will also ensure that
the various satellite channels adhere to the norms
stipulated by the government with particular emphasis
on advertising codes. 

He, said that apart from the laws laid down by the
government, those producing such programmes and the
people in general too have a responsibility to shun
programmes which corrupt the minds of the
impressionable and the younger generations. 
The minister’s statement was in response to
allegations of the alleged negative impact of the
present day TV channels on the country`s youth. 
Mahajan also announced his ministry`s resolve to
commission the production of long serials on
spiritual personalities like Swami Vivekananda and
Chhatrapati Shivaji to be telecast by Doordarshan. 
“The serials on these personalities to be
commissioned by the Prasar Bharathi Corporation may
run for 52 weeks or even two years,” the minister

Justifying the need to produce serials on these
personalities, Mahajan held the view that Doordarshan
was already telecasting a number of mythological
serials on gods like Rama, Krishna and Mahabharatha,
and “the time has come to spread the message of
spiritual personalities like Vivekananda and Shivaji,
which would have a unifying effect on the country.” 

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