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Re: Please help raise awareness about this bad law

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Srinath Srinivasa wrote:

> Can anyone provide an update on whether similar laws are in force
> regarding telephones, postal and courier mails? And have they proved
> effective? Or a hindrance?

I don't find this particularly surprising. Who controls the information
flow, controls the society, I'd say it is analogous to some governments
that, upto less than a hundred years ago, would not permit private
ownership of printing presses. 

I believe that most of these laws go back to the Indian Posts & Telegraph
act of the early 30's- enacted by the colonial government for the purpose
of maintaining its power and keeping tabs on any challenges to this power
[freedom movement]. 

I seem to recall it was debated during the Rajiv Gandhi administration
when there was an uproar over phone tapping- someone pointed out that this
was consistent with the P&T act which allows the government to routinely
open and monitor anyone's mail. The Rajiv government balked at suggestions
that this act be repealed- for, IMO, obvious reasons. 

I think the act also decreed that laying any kind of communication cable
longer than a mile had to be done by the P&T, and of course, any private
wireless communication was banned. Cell phones are a recent exception. Not
too long ago, these rules were interpreted to restrict cordless phones.
There may have been minor changes but the motivation [controlling
information flow] remains the same. 


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