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Electoral Reforms with Right to Reject

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Dear Sanjeev,

With the flurry and quality of mails being received after subscribing to
the site, I have now recovered to get the grasp of the issues being
debated. Its excellent and I am recommending to all who have a sense of
purpose in this country.

There is one issue that has always been close to my heart and at every
opportunity I express that with the last one being sent to MS Gill,
Chief Election Commissioner. But just as expected no reply. So this
forum has come at the most appropriate time. Please edit this mail
appropriately and circulate to all the members to keep the heat of
debate on and sure soon it will emerge in the agenda as a consensus
view. It goes like this :

In this country India, arm chair intellectualism though very much
appreciated does not really get translated into reality. One of the
issues is the Right to Reject through Ballot Box. When in any election,
the voters should have an option to stamp on a column " None of the
Above ". in the same ballot paper. If the 50% of the votes polled go
into this count, then all the candidates should be debarred for three
consecutive elections. That area can remain unrepresented for one year.
Let the election be held when in the next one only those candidates will
participate who would have done some ground work with the mass.

This is true empowerment of the electorate. Yes , all the existing
political parties are petrified in allowing such a system be
implemented. It only requires the Chief Election Commissioner to just
initiate the rule without fear of the consequence. Judiciary in India at
Supreme Court still has semblance of understanding the seriousness will
reject any litigation. The Bureaucracy will frustrate this measure with
their interest as usual.  So it is CEC only who with a single mind
avoiding all the committee type measure immediately implement.

I wrote to all the political leader of reckon. Its just a wonderful
opportunity for them to take the initiative. That person will regarded
as the Statesman thereafter and remembered for posterity. But trust them
to react !!

Lets create an opinion wave with debate here. Hope some other democracy
may pick up this idea where once it becomes a global opinion movement,
then back in India , the system will have to accept.

The suggestion may not be that simplistic but the idea is to empower
them with the Right to Reject. The specimens participating in the
present election and the way they keep winning, we all have become a
mute spectators. Lets the political parties shape up with some concrete
work as a consequence.

There has to be time frame as again the election clouds are hovering.
Its now the time to beat the system.

Well Sanjeev, please unleash this debate.

With best wishes

I am

RK Dhanvada
SRK Systems
Microsoft Solution Providers
Allahabad 211002, India
E mail: srk@nde.vsnl.net.in

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