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National Debate

Postings not related to the writing of the Manifesto or policy chapters
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Hi Sanjeev,

The profound debate on National Policy is most illuminating. I agree
with Swaminathan Aiyar that economists, world over, by and large have

There is more to system correction, thats need to be dealt with at the
grass root level. I am sure that you must have tackled the subject of
integrity, individual and collective, before in great detail. Pardon my
ignorance as a new entrant. As a journalist, I confront these problem
almost everyday.

Take local bodies for example. The Panchayats have some powers, but all
these are on paper alone. The village landlord and/or moneylender still
calls the shot. Except in some villages in Rajasthan and Gujrath (plus a
few exceptions in Bengal and Kerela), in most of our villages, things
haven't changed much. In the Hindi heartland, particularly Bihar and UP,
the shackles of caste and class is too strong. And to punish the poor
(often Dalits), their women are molested, raped, paraded naked in the
villages and stoned, by the feudal lords.

Next, this terror is utilised by these landlords during elections in the
country. Government servants, who go on election duties have,
off-the-record, told me that they had been advised by the 'Mukhia's men'
to cooperate, otherwise.... No one dare oppose these hoodlums. For this
favour, the poll party is taken care of (good food and other 'Sewa'). In
some places, the ballot papers are stamped and put in the ballot boxes,
the previous night, or early morning. The 'Sarkari babus' sign on the
dotted lines, and prefer to forget the experience.

In moufisil towns things are no better. In cities, the municipal bodies
and corporations are in bad shape. The Development Authorities have
become a cess pool of corruption. Nothing seems to work. For doing the
job, most government servants are supposed to do, bribes are demanded
and given openly.

All our laws are obsolete. The mind set is to make a fast buck, no
matter how. Even in relatively nobler professions, corruption has seeped
in. In UP and Bihar, quite a few journalists collect 'Hafta' from the
police stations. Similarly, doctors and the judicial services,
particularly at the lower level, have less credibility. It is a sad

How are we supposed to tackle with these problems?

Arindam Roy,
Jupiter Junction

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