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Re: Please help raise awareness about this bad law

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At long last a powerful medium is available to the common man and woman,

in the form of internet, to communicate his ideas to a large audience.
The tyrants of the world, including but not limited to the Government of

India are hell bent on curtailing this freedom under the guise of
National Security and National interest. The Information Techology Act
being considered by the BJP govt. is only aimed at nipping people's new
found power of expression in the bud. The government wants to control
internet in the same way as it has controlled radio, television and
newspapers for the last 50 years.  All people who love the internet and
all those who love the freedom of expression it affords should wake up
to the sinister designs of the powers that be. The way to control free
people is to criminalize them and that is what is going to be done to
all of us who dare to think for ourselves unless we stand up for our
freedom. I propose some kind of Blue Ribbon protest on all web sites to
highlight this issue.

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