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Article in Hindu on MPs

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An article titled 'A case of custodians looting the coffers'
by P.L.Prasada Rao appeared on Page 25, The Hindu dated Dec 1 1998.

Some points made were:

The monthly salary of an MP has been enhanced to Rs.4000 from
Rs.1500, his daily allowance (a sitting fee for each day the
MP attends parliament or any meeting of the house Committee)
increased to Rs.400 from Rs.200 (on an average there is a
sitting of either of the Houses or a committee on at least 20
days in a monthwhich means Rs.8000 a month), office expenses
(stationery) to Rs.2500 (Rs. 1500), secretarial allowance to
Rs.6000 (Rs. 4000), constituency allowance to Rs.8000 (Rs. 6000),
pairs of air tickets to 32 (28), free electricity to 25000 units
(15000), car allowance to Rs.1 lakh (Rs.50000), monthly pension
to Rs.2500 (Rs.1400), family pension to Rs.1000 (Rs.500),
accomodation in a mansion or an apartment with host of other
privileges. The new pay package to the MPs brought in with
retrospective effect from April 1, 1998 is estimated to entail
a recurring expenditure of over Rs. 15.05 crores a year and a
non-recurring expenditure of Rs. 3.65 crores.

... on restoring the "out of turn" allotment of gas connections
and telephone connections, the author says -

...Adding insult to injury, the quota for gas connections was raised
from 100 to 160 and the phone connections from 25 to 50.

... Not the kind to be left behind, the MLAs also have been giving
themselves hefty hikes in their emoluments. An MLA in Punjab gets the
highest basic monthly salary of Rs. 7500 followed by Haryana Rs. 7000,
Karnataka Rs. 6700, UP Rs. 5850, and Assam Rs. 5700 besides a host
of other allowances. Under the "vehicle loan scheme" all the 87 MLAs
in Punjab had a Rs.4 crore bonanza of Tata Sumo cars. In AP, the MLAs
are given a grant of Rs.54,500 and a loan of Rs.17,250 to purchase

The author also suggests that pension be given only to those who
quit politics for good.


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