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MPs and returns

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>From Indian Express Dated Dec 16, 1998

More than Rs. 1 cr spent on treatment of MPs, ministers

New Delhi, Dec 15: The Government has spent more than
Rs 1 crore on the treatment of MPs and ministers abroad
during 1995-96, Health and Family Welfare Minister
Dalit Ezhimalai informed the Lok Sabha today.

   In a writetn answer, he said the total amount spent
was about Rs. 1,71,53,162 with more than Rs. 47.94 lakh
incurred on the treatment of former Union minister
A.K.Panja, followed by Rs. 32.73 lakh on former railway
minister C.K. Jaffer Sharief and Rs. 26.99 lakh on former
communications minister Sukh Ram. Other expenditure made
were Ram Niwas Mirdha (Rs. 15.88 lakh), Kailash Narain
Sarang (Rs. 13.55 lakh), Ankush Rao R. Tope (Rs. 11.30
lakh) and Kanshi Ram (Rs. 9.9 lakh)

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