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Big Brother + Culture Police

Postings not related to the writing of the Manifesto or policy chapters
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My reaction on seeing the news was outrage too.
Udhay correctly points out that criminals will bypass the system.
Our netas and babus never seem to realize that terrorists do not
seek their permission. Only the honest citizen will be snooped upon.
how many times have we read about an entire telephone exchange
run by the underworld being unearthed.
One more point that the bill proposes is to hold the Internet
Service Provider responsible for what the moral police calls as
'unwanted material which goes against our culture'.
How can you hold the ISP responsible for what somebody downloads?
Do you hold the postal service responsible if somebody misuses it
(assuming that using one's freedom is the same as misusing the
I think we should do away with policing the Net. How about a clause
protecting the privacy of citizens in our agenda?


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