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Please help raise awareness about this bad law

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Hi there:

I used to be on the indiapolicy mailing list, but had to unsub for
reasons of bandwidth. I hope to be back soon, though.

I write to ask you to forward this message to the indiapolicy list. The
policy mavens in the BJP government have, in their wisdom, proposed a
Information Technology act. Good idea. What is not a good idea, however,
is the way they have chosen to go about it.

I have written an article about this, available at
http://www.pobox.com/~udhay/articles/art-activism2.html -- in teh best
tradition of the web, the article contains several embedded links which
will be useful for those looking for more info about this.

I request you to kickstart a discussion on this on the list. I should also
like to participate in this, so please cc: me on this correspondence to
allow me to respond. 



     Udhay Shankar N,  Bangalore, India <udhay@pobox.com>
                   finger for public key

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