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Re: Electoral funding cost-benefit analysis

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Well, the major problem with this cost-benefit calculation is that all
non-pecuniary benefits are left out of the calculation. Ashok Desai had a
article in Business Standard some months back where he tabulated the total
(pecuniary+non-pecuniary) benefits and it's a very large number indeed.

May be a seach thru the index of the journal Public Choice can give some idea
of the research done on the topic.

In any case, you're right that we need to do this exercise to under the
constraints within which politicians operate in India.

Sanjeev Sabhlok wrote:

> In order to be more specific about the point that is being made on IPI,
> let us do a cost-benefit for running for election. First, the facts:
> The Election Commission has specified all details on their new web site
> at
>         http://www.eci.gov.in/tabs/top_elec_sys.htm
> as follows:

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