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English Education

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---Sanjeev Sabhlok <sabhlok@almaak.usc.edu> wrote:
> "Education shall be imparted in languages most
appropriate to the matter
> being taught.  Education in English shall be
encouraged in those
> disciplines where the competitive interest demands
this, and education
> in native languages shall be preferred in other
disciplines. The

True. I remember this. The fact remains that at this
point in time, if competetive interest is to be taken
into account, English would win over other languages.
Why not openly come out in support of English instead
of beating round the bush? If tomorrow, Hindi becomes
the leading language, we can dump English and go for
Hindi. If Korean is tomorrow's language, go for it.

As of today, English education means EXPOSURE.
Nobody can deny this. Exposure is very important.

> The key issue I believe is choice. If anyone feels
that his/her children
> should study in a particular language, then that
person should have the
> option to choose amongst various mediums of

Including English. Why deny English to the 
disadvantaged and keep it only among the elite? 
Remember that this issue came up as an answer to the
question of making life better for Dalits. It is true
that the debate on English continues by the English
educated while at the same time denying this 
oppurtunity to the disadvantaged sections of the 
As for Dalits, they have a golden oppurtunity to show
that they care for the entire country by asking for
English medium schools not just for themselves but
for all sections of the society.
Anyone who opposes English MUST NOT educate their kids
in English.

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