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An issue of choice

Postings not related to the writing of the Manifesto or policy chapters
are likely to be summarily rejected. Thanks for your understanding. IPI
Dear George,

You have an excellent point reg. language. This point was covered at
some length earlier and we have summarized the issue in the Education
policy statement as follows:

"Education shall be imparted in languages most appropriate to the matter
being taught.  Education in English shall be encouraged in those
disciplines where the competitive interest demands this, and education
in native languages shall be preferred in other disciplines. The
educational policies must take advantage of the languages already known
to the people, to permit the fastest transition to a fully literate

The key issue I believe is choice. If anyone feels that his/her children
should study in a particular language, then that person should have the
option to choose amongst various mediums of instruction.



PS: I would urge the debators once again to ensure that a para or two
for the manifesto emerges from each debate, to the extent possible.

>From George Kurien:

Time binders,

I have some background in a discipline, study,
etc., called general semantics as originated
by a Polish scientist called Alfred Korzybski.

>From this discipline I have learnt that the map
is not the territory. Words are not the things
that it represents. Words can only represent.
And if they represent accurately, it will serve 
to guide us, if not, it can possibly mislead us
whether we transact in English or any other

So, to me, it seems that English for dalits,
non-dalits, etc., does not make sense if
English gets used to mislead and misgude
what it purports to map, represent, etc.,. ! 

Tamil, Hindi, or any any language on earth 
makes sense, if the language which maps,  
represents, etc.,  maps the territory, accurately.

Tagore could map better in Bengali than in
English. In fact he believed that he could 
not convey what he wanted to, any better
than in Bengali.

So, to that extent, we, as Indians need to 
ensure the blooming and flowering of all
our Indian languages to create this 
'paradise' called India!

George Kurien

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