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> Iwould like to put forth the following points for debate:
> India need to be disciplined a lot.With the current
> education level,socia,political set-up disciplining the
> younger generation will take a long time than that is
> available to us.Hence my suggestion is to link college
> education for boys and girls with our military operations
> ie.after the school all the boys would be required to
> serve the military and do their 5 years college studies
> in their chosenfield and girls will be given 3 years

Discipline in life is surely a good thing. Soecially, in social context,
when we live together, we need to take care of so many aspects of

What is important is to develop a sensibility that helps to "Treat others
as you would have them treat you"  The military-linked discipline has not
given any growth to human being in any country where it is/has been
followed for long periods. 

Peace, Force & Joy!

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