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Re: Dalit Upliftment

Postings not related to the writing of the Manifesto or policy chapters
are likely to be summarily rejected. Thanks for your understanding. IPI
the policy should be to educate  EVERYONE  in any language they would feel
comfortable in.   not merely english.  Dalits require education and you
would be surprised that for every seat/post which the reservation policy
promotes the dalits there are atlest 100 who do not have even acess to
these systems and facilities.  worse.. they do not have the confidence tto
be able to acquire them.  rservation was a method to enable this section
which was oppressed for a long time to get them to the mainstream.  think
of the the posts/ seats which these people compete as extras and hence do
not create pressure for what was originzlly belonging to the forward
castes.  I fully realise that the quality of dalit product ( low marks
lack of exposure etc.,) does not inspire confidence.  But they do not
represent the vast majority of dalit population who still do not have
qccess to these facilities.  Social ostracization is still a way of life
for most of them.  Do people realise how difficult it is for a dalit to
get a house onrent in an urban society.  I am not saying that reservaton
is the solution to all these problenms but I am aware how a large number
of them derive confidence to live and face the harsh realities of life
based on these polcies  I work with dalit children and naturally am
sympathetic to them


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