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---"A.MOHAMED MALICK" <amdmalick@usa.net> wrote:

> education for boys and girls with our military
> ie.after the school all the boys would be required to
> serve the military and do their 5 years college
> in their chosenfield and girls will be given 3 years
> studies.THIS IS OBLIGATORY FOR ALL.After this period
> one can enter into various lines as he/she wishes.
> During this period a suitable compensation shold be

While the intention may be good, I doubt if it will
be of any use to the society. Singapore has national
service for men with the result that men start their
careers a little late and are not as skilled as women.
The debate in Singapore on this issue is continuous.
If you read the papers, you would think that it is
a balanced debate. If you talked to the people in
Singapore, you will find that they are unhappy with
the National Service. 

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