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Postings not related to the writing of the Manifesto or policy chapters
are likely to be summarily rejected. Thanks for your understanding. IPI
Hi all,

Besides the repeated rhethoric about UCC I havent seen any
specifics at all. What is UCC, what is wrong and
what need's to be changed?

Are we are debating and consuming bandwidth on the topic
we know nothing about? 

Some of the issues I am aware of are the following:

- Second marriages by Hindu's who have converted to Islam
  (India is one of the few countries where the law for Muslims
   allows polygamy. Syria, Tunisia, Morocco, Pakistan have banned
- After divorce by Muslim's alimony only in brief period following
  separation (iddat) for women who cannot support herself (Shah 
  Bano case)
- Tax break's for Hindu undivided family
- No divorce for Christians except on grounds for adultery

I am not sure what the statement at IPI say's about inheritance
rights about Muslim women. As far as I can personally recall, 
muslim women have equal inheritence rights as their male siblings and
after divorce, she carries all the parental inheritence with her.
Further, dowry is a burden of the bridegroom and is given during
marriage and is taken back by the bridegroom if divorced. 

Also another thing which Arvind pointed and I wasnt aware of was the
state funding of minority religious institutions. This may be part
of UCC or subsidies, I am not sure.

Lack of education or upliftment of muslim women is a different issue and
has nothing to do with UCC. This could be dealt as a separate issue.

My personal opinion is the following:
It would be helpful if we had a universal law, however
as different cultures, we have a varying
degrees of morality all a function of time and place. What standards
do we judge others by? Change if ever should come from within the
system, we are incredibly different and it is no business of a global
policy maker to tell what social evolution path we should all take.
After all isnt this some form of central planning :-). 


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