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Remove government control over the media

Postings not related to the writing of the Manifesto or policy chapters
are likely to be summarily rejected. Thanks for your understanding. IPI
Electronic Media, meaning the Radio and Television being such powerful
and sensitive instruments that provide very important means of
entertainment, information dissemination and interaction of all
citizens, two, apparently conflicting goals must be critically managed
with total transparency to the people of India.

1. Because of the very nature of the electronic media, that its impact
is widespread and instant, there is always a potential for abuse of such

a powerful medium by vested interests. Therefore, governments need to
device ways to stop abuse by strictly specifying guidelines to protect
abuse from religious fanaticism, forces acting against moral and ethical

norms set by the society and protecting against any violation of the
rights of every individual citizens through the use of this medium.

2. Media freedom is also critically important to ensure that it serves
as a watchdog and provides uncontrolled access to the citizens about the

policy decisions made by the governments from time to time without
violating the rules mentioned in the first point.

For this to happen, the elected government must work as facilitator of
the infrastructure, the technology, and as representatives of the
citizens to guard against monopoly control of any single corporation or
interest group on the Media organization. It should control the
authority to enforce a very limited, but well defined set of regulations

designed to protect children from exposure of irresponsibly disseminated

information or entertainment programs with excessive graphic contents of

violence or other socially prohibited contents, which can be determined
by a civil society of representative democracy.

However, this control of enforcement of social norms should not get
translated into excessive control of a government bureaucracy over
functioning of the electronic media organizations nor should it effect
the freedom of the information that can be disseminated through such

In order to ensure this critical balance, all entertainment oriented,
electronic media infrastructure must be completely privatized, with the
exception that this sector cannot be completely left on the market to
decide media ownership, and the government should intervene to ensure
that multiple and independent players do get their fair share of control

over the electronic media and no one organization should have excessive
control over electronic media. Such private, commercial media
organization should also have complete freedom on reporting news in
addition to creating entertainment programs and selling commercial time
for advertising goods and services.

In order to ensure that government functions get sufficient coverage in
the media, and other, commercially non attractive events related to
public good (such as university Seminars, Scientists Gatherings, or
other such things which deserve much more then 5 second news media
focus), get covered without any intellectual bias or commercial
interruptions, one 24 hour public television/radio network must be
created with obligatory shared funding from every other commercial media

organization (not government funding!).

The administrative control of such a public media organization should be

in the hands of executive body drawn from the community of

1. Private Media Organization Executives
2. Selected Pool of University Professors from Across the Country
3. Other Religious/Social Organization representatives.

This body should constantly be elected at regular intervals.

This is my first proposal, we obviously need to work on it before
arriving at an acceptable draft.

Thank You.

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