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Reply to Mr. Guptara

Postings not related to the writing of the Manifesto or policy chapters
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>Dear Professor Roy
>I am astonished to read in your mail a theory of a foreign conspiracy.

I have not put forward any such theory nor its contrary.   A gruesome
of innocent victims has been committed, with large domestic and
international political implications.    I have merely sifted the rival
hypotheses put forward by e.g. Shri George Fernandes on the one side
Was Dara Singh, in this act, an agent provocateur, set up, perhaps even
without his own knowledge, by foreign intelligence and/or by domestic
politicians to contribute to communal mayhem which brings down the
Vajpayee Government?

and e.g. Shri Madhavrao Scindia on the other side, viz.

Is Dara Singh an example of religious fanaticism at its worst, which has

found strength and expression thanks to the Vajpayee Government?

These two questions may each be answered with a clear yes or no once the

facts are out.     I do hope the facts are allowed to come out, and I
they may not.

Subroto Roy.

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