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Re: An Open Letter to Shri Chowgule: Hindu and tolerant?

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Hindu and tolerant?
One must be joking or may be totally ignorant of History of our beloved
country India. On an average Hindus are doing more than 15000
attrocities on Dalits. (Is Bihar's recent case is an islated case? )This

is an official figure of the Government that is of the Hindu(upper
castes), for the Hindus, and by the Hindus. These tolerant Hindus kill
them, burn them, loot them, and rape their women.
Who burnt Sikhs in 1984? Were they not hindus? Who demolished Mosque?
Were they not hindus.
I think this is the time when we must accept as a religion Hindu is not
what we are procaliming, but it is  what we are witnessing.
It was only the phase of barberism when people use to kill each other
for their faith and beliefs. That era has gone from everywhere but not
from hindu mind. They are still barberians, and this is the reason they
are cornered and few in numbers compared to Buddhists, Christians and
If we do not admit problem, we would never be able to solve the problem.

Let us face the reality and accept we are not tolerant, but we have to
be tolerant.
Ashok Bharti

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