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On Sat, 6 Feb 1999, Umesh Tiwari wrote:

> * Regulation requiring Strict code of conduct for police officers.
> Police officers exist for protection of people. In India, it is a
> generally known fact that Police Officers find it rather exciting to use
> foul language in public and resort to brute force before even ensuring
> that the concerned individual is a criminal. There certainly needs to be
> strict guidelines in place to ensure that Police Officers found guilty
> of using foul language in public, get properly disciplined. Also clear
> should be the guidelines that police should use force only for self
> defense while protecting the law and order in the society. They should
> not have the rights to punish any suspect. That job belongs to the
> Judiciary. This is very critical to ensure people's confidence in the
> Police, and automatically you will see reduction in violence in the
> society. 

Laws are already v. clear on these things. Problems with Police have
MUCH to do with their pathetic salaries and living conditions 
+ lack of adequate training.

Further, the more local control over the police bureaucracy you
> have, the less corrupt that function is likely to be. While a cohesive
> networking for the purposes of information sharing and crime control is
> necessary, some local police administration position should be reserved
> for publicly elected officials and some of the local Staff Funding
> should be controlled by City Administration in order to bring about real
> democracy in our internal security infrastructure.

This is v. promising. Pl. suggest exact wording. In principle, of
course, all control is by elected reps. through Home Minister.

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